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Google Analytics

Google Adwords & PPC

WordPress Site Development

Email Marketing

Content Development

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Google Keyword Planner

Understanding of HTML, CSS,  JavaScript, PHP, & MySQL



Let’s assess where your Organic traffic is and what signals your site is sending to Google. From there, we can identify realistic opportunities and improve your Organic presence.



Whether you have an existing AdWords campaign or are thinking about increasing traffic through PPC, identifying your audience and campaign structure are crucial to success.

Paid Social


No matter where you are in your social profiles, there is always room for improvement. This is where your community engages with you so make it count.

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My latest passion has been becoming better acquainted with web development and coding. I have designed a few promotional posters, logos, and can resize images to specific specifications in addition to small edits in html, js, and css. Check out my Projects!



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